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Food for Thought

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Lent is often seen as a time for giving up. A time to test ourselves: can we really live without caffeine or chocolate or alcohol or Facebook for 40 days? But one can’t help wondering, what is the point of giving up for 40 days only to come to Easter Sunday, pig out again and carry on where we left off?

Flowers in Church

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Advent [Sunday 27th November up to Christmas.] Each week a child was chosen to light a candle [1st represents the Patriarchs and Hope, 2nd for the Prophets and Peace, 3rd for St John the Baptist and Love, the 4th for Mary and Joy]

Bell Notes

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It started out as a good idea, of having an annual lunch for the ringers and families –Christmas was suggested but was never achieved as the ringers were busy. In the last few years it has been the last Sunday in the February half term but this year we have reached a new date; well at this moment we still do not have a date as the ringers are so busy!


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What is sacrifice? Is it giving something up or giving something to help others?

Although Lent is not here yet, I have been thinking about what it means. To some it is a period of reflection, to some a period of denying themselves particular food or drink.