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Flowers in Church

by Lynda Wareing

The images of this months Flowers in Church are provided in the slide show below. Use the arrows on the left and right edges of the image to navigate through the photographs. The article continues below the slide show.

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    Advent [Sunday 27th November up to Christmas.] Each week a child was chosen to light a candle [1st represents the Patriarchs and Hope, 2nd for the Prophets and Peace, 3rd for St John the Baptist and Love, the 4th for Mary and Joy]
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    At Christmas the wreath and candles are moved to the font and a white candle is placed in the centre to represent Jesus – the light of the world.
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    The flowers in the porch for 4th December were given by Bill Allen in memory of his daughter Pauline.
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    The funeral service for Femi Oyesiku took place at St John’s on Friday 9th December, the flowers below were arranged for that day. Our sincere condolences go to her husband Christopher and her family and friends.
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    The Carol Service was on the 18th December and the church was full of flowers, decorations and candles. Thank you very much for your generous donations for this wonderful time and to the flower team for their lovely arrangements.
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    The flowers on the High Altar were given by Frances in memory of her parents Charlot and Edwin Simons.
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    The Lady Chapel flowers were requested by Terri and Peter Swainsbury for their daughter Emma on her birthday.
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    The flowers near the pulpit were in memory of Bill Allen’s wife Frances
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    Lynda & Michael gave the flowers near the organ in memory of Ann-Marie.
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    The flowers in the porch were in memory of Martyn son of David Yeung.
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    On Sunday 1st the High Alter flowers were in memory of Dorothy Candy arranged by Irene & Milene Dzuik
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    on the 8th in memory of Richard [Irene’s brother, Milene’s uncle] on his birthday.
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    The Lady Chapel flowers on Sunday 15th were in memory of Pam Driscol on her birthday from her friends Lynda & Michael.

Candlemas will be celebrated on Sunday 29th January [this year the Sunday before the 2nd of February.] Our church will be decorated with flowers and of course lots of candles. At Candlemas we remember the presentation of Jesus at the temple [Jesus is the light of the world, and in some churches the new candles are blessed on this day]

Then soon it will be LENT.
There are no flowers in church during Lent but any requested flowers can be arranged in the porch [from Ash Wednesday 1st March to Easter Day 16th April]

God Bless